Who doesn´t want to make a mark on the world? We know we do!

The name Runa means secret and wisdom. It is also the name for a set of letters and symbols that people used thousands of years ago to tell their stories and mark what was theirs.
Now it´s your turn to make your mark!

The birth of RUNA took place in a World Heritage site called the High Coast located in the northern Sweden. Twenty thousand years ago this area was covered with a three kilometer thick layer of ice that pressed down on the land underneath. Since then the area has risen eight hundred meters, the worlds biggest land uplift after the Ice Age, and created an impressive landscape.



The shirt is one of those historic garments that people have worn all trough time. Up until now you´ve had the tie, cuff and bow tie to enhance your look.

In addition to these classic accessories we give you RUNA, an urban mark to dress up your shirt. Not only do you enhance your look, you are now wearing a mark of who you are and what you stand for.

The jewelry is a reflection of the grand and rugged landscape with it´s minimalistic design.  And just like the landscape is a carrier of messages left behind by former generations the RUNA is carrying it´s own symbols with the aim to tell the stories of today.





Sanna Grannas is born and raised in the World Heritage site called the High Coast located in the northern Sweden. You know, they think that the first tie, bow tie and cufflinks was invented in the 15th century. A lot has happen since then and she thought it was time that a new alternativ entered the  stage. So she created a jewel that uses symbols from yesterday to tell the stories of today, RUNA.


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Sanna Grannas, Founder

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