Thousands of years ago people told their stories using RUNAs, now it’s your turn to tell your stories!

The birth of RUNA took place in the High Coast, a World Heritage site located in the north of Sweden. Twenty thousand years ago this area was covered with a three kilometer thick layer of ice that pressed down on the land underneath. Since then the area has risen eight hundred meters, the worlds biggest land uplift after the Ice Age, and created an impressive landscape. One of the greatest comebacks in world history.

Runa is a Nordic name and also the name of a set of letters and symbols that people used thousands of years ago in this area to tell their stories and mark what was theirs. Now it´s your turn to make your mark on the world!

Did you know that the tie was invented in the 16th century? Well it was and we thought it was time for a new alternative to enter the stage!

 In addition to the classic accessories we give you RUNA, the shirtmark that you push onto your shirt button. Each RUNA is made in the High Coast, latched in steel, brass or copper. Look closely and you will see that each RUNA is marked with the symbol ING that stands for ”action”, like -ing in doing. Since our aim is that the RUNA should fit most classic shirts we have developed the it according to the size of a standard shirt button. (Approx. 11mm) The jewelry is a reflection of the grand and rugged landscape with it’s minimalistic design. Just like the landscape carries messages left behind by former generations the RUNA carries it’s own symbols with the aim to tell the stories of today. Not only do you enhance your look, you are now wearing a mark of who you are and what you stand for.

Sanna Grannas, born and raised in the High Coast, is the founder of Runa of Sweden. She thought it was time for a new alternative to enter the stage so she created a piece of jewellery that uses symbols from yesterday to tell the stories of today; RUNA.